Gie & Ik, Toi & Moi!

Oostende, 1972. A chance encounter between two young people in their early twenties would lead to half a century of uninhibited creativity, but above all close camaraderie.Arno Hintjens and Danny Willems found each other in their admiration for bohemian life and their love for rock 'n' roll. Where Arno yearned for the stage, Danny was drawn to the enigmatic art of photography. They would become inseparable, one preferring to be in the spotlights and the other in the shadow behind the camera. They would follow each other through their careers, their milestones and their lows, all captured in music and image. 
Half a century of friendship and cooperation will be bundled in a photo book and an exhibition. The exhibition, The Show of Life, will open in Oostende on December 19 2023 and the book, GIE & Ik - TOI & MOI! (published by Hannibal books) will be issued two weeks earlier.
Leve de mussels, vive les moules!